Risk Management Consultants

An electronic trading platform that offers CFOs and Business Owners unprecedented access to a wider marketplace of insurance policies and retirement plans.

What is Policy Smart?

Business Insurance Policies
Unparalleled access to over 13,000 Brokers and Specialists.


Unbiased and data-driven methodology has led to over $120M in client savings.


Operating globally in over 120 countries since 1999 with a 95% success rate.


Policy Smart is an Electronic trading platform that enables CFO’s and business owners to compare and trade insurance policies and corporate sponsored retirement plans using proprietary technology and a database of over 13,000 broker specialists in 120 countries.

We execute confidential national and international benchmarks using rates and portfolio characteristic comparisons between and among commercial buyers on a matching basis.

We provide market data to assist clients in making better more informed trading decisions, connectivity solutions that facilitate objective and transparent straight-through processing to optimize trading environments and broker/vendor execution services.